Benefits of Staging

Regadless of price or location,
all homes canbenefit from staging!

By incorporating staging, you will have a stronger presence in the
market and speed up the sales process.

Staged homes are often shown with priority over vacant or occupied
homes because they appear organized, stylish and pulled together.
Staging helps buyers envision living in your home and is a proven real
estate strategy. Potential buyers see a staged home as spacious, warm, clean, fresh, pleasant and inviting. Home staging doesn’t cost, it pays.

Staging is no longer an option, it’s a necessity!

* Homes are on the market for 180 days or more

* Inventory level is increasingly higher than in previous markets

* Buyers are expecting the best price from the best home

* Homes must show in “ready to move into” condition & appearance

* Buyers must see themselves comfortable & cozy in your home

* Buyers prefer the home as is & not what they must do for improvement

* The cost of Staging is far less than a price reduction

* Stage homes sell 30-5-% more quickly than unstaged & at higher prices

* Stage homes appear as “move in ready & well cared for which is buyer attractive

Your home will be advertised on the site & our
personal website which is viewed internationally.

The average buyer spends 9 minutes in an average home amd
“40 minutes” in a Staged home. STAGING WORKS!!

Think of what new construction builders do to their model homes: they
invest thousands of dollars to STAGE THEM. And they all sell due to the manner in which they are seen: STAGED.


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